Signage Designer

Initial design for Hamishtala,
wayfinding & identification

Made at Kasher Design studio
art director: Niv Kasher
architects: Dauber Architects

analysis and programming

Based on decision points and traffic patterns, I created a wayfinding program. At this stage, I developed a “signs menu”, in order to map the users' needs.

Example for wayfinding program, parking floor

planning and basic design

As a basis for developing a graphic concept, I created a schematic sign index, composed of the variety of the signs types needed.
A graphic Index, including of font and icons, is proposed as a leadind style.

system design

I designed basic graphic alternatives, each with a uniform appearance, graphic language and color scheme.

Example for the parking area signage system

Example for the loby area signage system

Next, all the sign types will be designed: colors, materials and manufacturing techniques will be examined, a mockup will be produced, in order to provide a set of final design and cost proposals.